Health Management Platform

Optimise your asset management with equipment condition information

Framework for an integrated condition-based asset management

Complex environments can quickly pose severe problems for the integration and management of PHM applications for your asset management systems. We experienced this in the context of the Airbus A350 development programme where its cabin systems posed diverse regulatory requirements, levels of specification influence, sourcing models and responsibilities, life cycles, etc.

As a result of these diverse constraints, we have implemented a very flexible and scalable architecture based on recognised standards, namely the ISO 13374 functional architecture and the related OSA-CBM data model. Its API is based on modern technologies and enables an efficient application on multiple platforms and in multiple languages.

Contact us to discuss how our lessons learned and the resulting architecture can help you to create a sustainable platform allowing you to focus on your applications. Our platform is efficient also in a context less complex as an aircraft.


Build your own Prognostics & Health Management infrastructure with our predeveloped bricks. The flexible platform integrates API-based functional modules and connects IoT monitoring solutions into your asset management system.


Six layers of specialised and decoupled functional modules can be distributed throughout your environment. Linked together by a proven messaging protocol, it allows you to build powerful stacks and ensures good scalability.


The mature OSA-CBM data model for condition-based maintenance provides a robust interface definition. In addition, the OSA-EAI definition will help to integrate this into a holistic asset management system if needed.

Platform Components

Platform with modular API and IoT components

Specialised platform in the cloud or your own environment
API and IoT components to build your asset health management

We offer a complete set of software and hardware components to build a health management infrastructure and integrate it with your asset management system.

Our specialised software platform is at the core of connecting your PHM solutions. It can be run either as a fully managed Health Management-as-a-Service solution in the cloud or on your own Linux or Windows environment.

An API for multiple languages with mature interface definitions encapsulates the required routing and security mechanisms. It lets you easily implement the required functionality in well-scoped modules with techniques ranging from simple calculations to machine learning algorithms.

Your assets can either be connected directly using their internal monitoring capabilities or be connected and monitored by external sensory solutions. For the latter cases, our implementation for Raspberry, Arduino and others is an interesting option to develop your own retrofittable solutions.

Customise these components and focus on developing health management functionality for your assets starting with small proof of concepts and scale at any time to cover more assets.

Ask us for our development services or implement your own solutions based on these components.

Platform Flexibility and Scalability

Distributed and decoupled message-oriented microservices architecture

Six functional layers per ISO 13374 reference architecture
Message-oriented middleware protocol including security features

Integrating PHM solutions for the ever-growing number of assets covered by the fast evolving IoT trends and maintaining their functionality is a major challenge in most architectures.

Our platform takes into account these trends and allows an effective decoupling of specialised reusable and maintainable microservices. Its distributed architecture allows ever more data to be transmitted and analysed and value to be created.

ISO 13374 defines a functional architecture for PHM applications that is widely adopted as a reference in research with layers covering data acquisition to decision-supporting advisory generation. The mature OSA-CBM reference data model is our basis for stable interface definitions.

The message-oriented middleware provides efficient request/reply and publish/subscribe patterns. Its proven implementations provide important security features like authentication and rights management as well as message transport encryption.

You will benefit from a health management platform growing with your fleet and its monitoring coverage running where you want. You can focus on fast functionality creation and its continuous improvement and keep your assets functionally available.

Platform Integration

Fleet condition integration into your asset management system

MIMOSA OSA-CBM and OSA-EAI open industry standard data models

PHM applications are never stand-alone: they are here to monitor certain assets and have to provide information to management systems. Integration is thus essential.

The API of our health management platform implements recognised and mature data models promising a stable development environment. It is available for multiple platforms and multiple languages.

OSA-CBM provides an open and mature data model for the ISO 13374 functional architecture allowing a stable integration between the specialised and reusable modules within our platform. The complementing OSA-EAI provides means for the external integration with asset management systems ensuring good interoperability.

You will be able to profit from the integration of your PHM solutions into your or your customers’ asset management systems in order to realise their full benefits.

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