CAFE – Coffee Anti Failure Equipment

Secure your revenue potentials, save operational costs

Pre-developed predictive maintenance solution for coffee machines

Not a critical component at first sight, this interesting article in The New York Times describes the unexpectedly high operational impact of coffee makers in aircraft galleys. On top of this comes a very significant burden in terms of maintenance costs.

CAFE was begun as a research & development project performed at Airbus and was matured to a fully functional prototype by us. Despite its aeronautical origin, the principles and our CAFE solution can be transferred to many other coffee makers.

We will be happy to discuss any application with you. Our thoroughly engineered CAFE solution will help you to secure revenue potentials and save operational costs of your coffee makers.


A fully functional prototype based on commercial IoT components is available for integration into your coffee maker.


Our patent-pending prediction principle forms the core of a full-blown PHM application to be integrated into your environment.


Predictive Maintenance services are available from simple data services to sophisticated optimisation support of your asset management.

CAFE Hardware

Functional prototype ready for test campaign

Small dimensions, lightweight and low power requirements
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity included

Depending on the context, our hardware solution based on commercial Internet of Things components can be integrated directly into your coffee machines or serve as a blueprint for an integrated development including retrofit solutions.

The main function of the CAFE hardware is to provide the required observability, i.e. providing sensors and connectivity. It also serves as one computing element in our distributed health management framework on which we are able to host some data-intensive signal processing and feature extraction algorithms saving transmission costs.

CAFE Software

Machine learning integrated into our health management platform

Patent-pending prediction principle integrated into PHM platform
Machine learning algorithms for ever-improving prediction precision

CAFE will provide failure predictions with an ever-increasing precision. It can be seamlessly integrated into your asset management environment and help to optimise your operational decisions.

The CAFE software implements our patent-pending prediction principle. Its machine learning approach will improve from threshold-based warning to Remaining Useful Life probabilities while accumulating operational data. It is based on our health management platform and benefits from the security and maintainability features across your fleet.

CAFE Services

From data services to operational decision support

Alerts and regular reports or integration into your asset management system
Different levels of service meeting your individual needs

Besides the CAFE hardware and software solution itself, we are offering services ranging from raw data provisioning to intelligent asset management decision support. Discuss with us the most impactful choice for you.

All levels of machinery information from CAFE are available from our health management platform and can be injected into your environment. If combined with our probabilistic operations simulation or other optimisation algorithms, we can even support your operations teams improving your levels of service and operation cost.

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