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Hamburg PHM – Prognostics & Health Management

Expertise in integration of complex aeronautical systems

Our mission is to optimise asset management for your particular needs no matter the industry with advanced and viable predictive maintenance solutions adapting our aeronautical knowledge and technology.

With leading engineering roles in both operational and research programmes in aircraft development, we have gained a deep expertise in integrating health management functions in the very diverse environment of aircraft cabin systems.

Based in Hamburg, one of the biggest aeronautical clusters worldwide, we will offer both consulting and implementation services for your specific uses and predeveloped products ready to be customised to your specific needs.

PHM Services and Solution For All Industries

PHM Solutions

Upgrade your coffee maker with a predictive maintenance feature, optimise its asset management and increase your margins.

CAFE is a fully functional IoT prototype for integration into your machines. CAFE implements a patent-pending prediction principle.

PHM Infrastructure

Implement your use cases rapidly by focusing on its functionality. The framework will be provided by our health management platform.

Industry standards ensure a smooth integration to your environment and advanced features guarantee a high level of flexibility and performance.

PHM Services

Benefit from our consulting and implementation services covering the complete cycle from value simulation to deployment.

Even without available data, we are able to systematically design viable predictive maintenance solutions with a hybrid methodology.

PHM Solutions

No coffee? Avoid revenue losses with our CAFE solution – Coffee Anti Failure Equipment

Improve your customer experience and revenue potential by ensuring an optimised functional availability of your coffee makers – in the air or on the ground.

The almost iconic use case of predictive maintenance for aircraft coffee makers is our first available solution. Built with our hybrid development method and resulting in a patent-pending solution, it is available as a fully functional prototype and can be adapted for integration into your specific coffee maker model.

PHM Infrastructure

Want to deploy right away? Rely on our scalable integration framework in the background

Focus on creating your value-adding health management applications. Our health management platform will scale with your demand and potentially enable you to create a colaborative ecosystem of specialised solutions.

Bearing in mind the complex requirements that the very heterogeneous and customisable aircraft cabin imposes, we have designed and implemented a scalable and very flexible health management platform. By combining recognised industry standards with modern technologies it ensures high levels of performance and good integration into your environment.

PHM Services

Consulting and implementation services to systematically realise your predictive maintenance case

Benefit from our systematic development approach covering all phases from initial value assessment to final predictive maintenance deployment and optimise your asset management.

Starting with a benefit simulation to secure your business case, we offer services to systematically develop predictive maintenance solutions for your use cases in four main steps. Even if no data should be available yet, our hybrid method combining physics-based simulation and data-driven analytics allows to build prediction models that will be available from day one and keep on improving.

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